Portage Lake District Library puts reflective film on windows to prevent birds from crashing into them

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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - The Portage Lake District Library is making a serious effort to protect the birds that keep flying into their windows.

The library applied a reflective film to their windows to attract the bird’s attention. The project was a joint effort between the library and the Copper Country Audubon.

A trial run was done at some of Michigan Tech's buildings which proved effective in deterring birds from flying into their windows. The film works due to the bird’s different sense of vision from humans.

"The birds see them, and they see a large halo of blue light, and that helps prevent birds from hitting the windows. They aren't 100 percent effective, but they work probably about 80 percent of the time," said Dana Richter, a member of the Copper Country Audubon.

Flying into windows is one of the leading causes of death in birds, and you can buy the bird's eye view window films if you are interested, online, for $3.

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