Porkies hit with heavy holiday snowfall

PORCUPINE MOUNTAINS WILDERNESS STATE PARK, Mich. (WLUC) - "Lake Superior has been really kicking out the snow this year," said Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park unit manager Jeff Gaertner.

The Porcupine Mountains were hit with heavy snowfall over the holidays. The interior of the park received more than 72 inches of snow since Christmas day.

"Here by the lakeshore we're closer to the three foot, the 36 inches, maybe a little bit more than that, but when you get into the interior of the park near mirror lake and government peak areas those are closer to the 72 inches of snow," said Gaertner.

The ski hill has received around 81 inches of snow this season. That is good news for area skiers, but means more work for park staff.

"Well obviously we've got a lot more time clearing pathways, clearing roads, clearing parking lots and things like that. That's time when we could be doing other things like doing maintenance on things but we have to spend it doing that so that our customers obviously can still get to their cabins and yurts they have rented,” said Gaertner.

The snow has also been good for cabin rentals. Porcupine Mountain rentals are booked every weekend for the remainder of the season. There are some weekdays still available.