Plenty of summer jobs available in the Upper Peninsula

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - With the Upper Peninsula full of tourists and even locals on vacation, the summer hiring season is in full swing.

In the city of Marquette, Big Boy is just one of many businesses looking for employees.

"Right now it's tough, it's hard to find employees, because if you look around Marquette, everybody is hiring, every restaurant is hiring, all the retail stores are hiring," said Big Boy co-owner Steve Whelan.

With the uptick in customers over the summer, most businesses will increase staff sizes to accommodate.

"We typically have about 50 employees during the year, and in the summer, we go up to about 65," said Whelan.

Statistics show that wages across the Upper Peninsula are competitive.

"They have the potential to have a great growth once you get experience and education behind you," said Debb Brunell, director of workforce services with the Michigan Works UPWARD Talent Council.

It isn't just summer employment that is on the rise. There are countless opportunities for full-time employment in plenty of vocations.

"Tourism, construction, welding, and manufacturing is going really well,” said Brunell. “STEM related occupations are in high growth."

These employment opportunities are available to people of all ages here in the Upper Peninsula, and the folks at Michigan Works can help you find the career that is right for you.

"There are people waiting to help you come up with a career plan, look at what your needs might be,” said Brunell. “We can assist in many cases with training."

For listings, and more information on how Michigan Works can help you find a job, visit their website.

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