Planning begins for Marquette Township Meijer

Published: Jun. 27, 2016 at 3:38 PM EDT
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The site plan for a new Meijer grocery store and gas station in Marquette Township was approved only a week ago, but planners and administrators are already hard at work on its development.

"I think Meijer is a quality company, they're family owned, and they're from Michigan," said Jason McCarthy, Marquette Township Planner and Zoning Administrator. "So, we're very pleased and excited to have them in our community."

One of the biggest undertakings for the project is adjusting traffic patterns that will be affected by the 192,000 square foot store that'll be constructed behind Lowe's.

"As far as changes to traffic patterns and circulation, the driveway going into the Lowe's entrance will become a one way entrance," said McCarthy. "Also, the traffic will be directed to exit via the light at Brickyard."

The township has several factors to consider when developing such a massive project.

"We are struggling and striving through our planning commission process to ensure that the best interest of the residents are taken into consideration in terms of congestion, traffic, the type of development, and protection between the commercial districts and the residential districts," said Randy Girard, Marquette Township Manager. "All of those things are high on the list of importance to the township."

Developers believe the construction of the Meijer will only add to the growth of Marquette Township, and benefit the community.

"Well, Marquette is garnering a lot of attention right now development-wise, recreationally," said McCarthy. "It just proves that our area is growing, and hopefully we do that sustainably. It's a new store in our growing market."

While there's no definitive date yet, construction on the project will begin once all of the conditions of the site plan approval are met. Developers believe the store and gas station will be open sometime in 2018.