Piers Gorge bike trail proposal submitted to DNR

 Ogee Trail Network sign. (WLUC Photo)
Ogee Trail Network sign. (WLUC Photo) (WLUC)
Published: Aug. 9, 2019 at 6:04 PM EDT
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Some of the biggest attractions in Dickinson County are the bike trails, and a new one may be coming soon.

"We have a proposal in with the DNR to expand our current Ogee Trail Network,” said Dickinson Trail Network (DTN) Board Member and Director, Jason Morgan.

The Ogee Trail Network is currently a 12-mile stretch beginning at Marion Park. It connects to the Norway School Forest Loop and to the Alwine Connector. The proposed trail would add a 3-mile loop through Piers Gorge National Area, connecting it to the existing trail.

There currently is a trail in Piers Gorge for both riders and pedestrians, but a new trail would allow bike riders to go at their own pace.

It would be technical in some spots as well.

"It's fun to go off jumps and go fast,” said Volunteer, Caleb Morgan.

The four sections of the trail currently open are posted on a mobile running and cycling app called ‘Strava,’ so people riding can see how their times compared to other people who have ridden on that segment. This allows competition and camaraderie between riders.

If the proposal is approved, this would be a very scenic biking and hiking trail.

"We just need more trails to use in the area. I've ridden out there since I was a kid and always thought that up on the ridge would be a beautiful spot to have a trail, and it just makes sense to keep expanding this network that we have now,” said Morgan.

This expansion has been a long-term goal, and them DTN hopes to hear back from the Michigan DNR soon.

The Dickinson Trail Network is always accepting donations and it will soon offer memberships.

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