Phil Niemisto's statue found damaged Saturday

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Phil Niemisto's statue in downtown Marquette was found damaged Saturday.

Phil's hat, scarf and the sign are missing from his statue in the Phil Niemisto Pocket Park. The original statue took artist Earl Senchuk three months to complete. He’s waiting to see if the police can find the person who defaced the statue and recover the hat. If not, he’ll have to make a new one, but luckily he still has the mold from the original creation.

"The good news is I still have Phil's original hat and the original sculpture of Phil so I can make a new one, but it's kind of a strange process because I have to make a positive of this - first create a negative and then a positive, then create a little flap thing that's a stamp mold so I can recapture the fabric texture," describes Senchuk.

If Senchuk does have to create a new hat, it will take approximately three days to complete.

"I'm almost more disappointed that someone stole the scarf, because somebody made that, put it on him and matched his tie, and it looked really good on him too, so I'm a bit disappointed about that. The sign, I can't figure out why someone would take the sign," he says.