Performers using live streaming to still reach fans

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Musicians and performers are also having to make some big adjustments due to the coronaviorus outbreak. In an effort to still stay connected to their fans, musicians are holding live streaming events.

Marquette based R&B group Blanco Suave is one group doing that. In the wake of a month full of cancelled concert gigs, the group's band leader says they're glad to be able to put on some kind of show.

"It's really nice because a big part of playing is being able to connect with people, so it's pretty awesome getting to connect with people in their own homes, I think our music is uplifting and positive and we all need positivity right now and that's what we're looking to give you," said Band Leader Gretchen McKenzie-Trost.

Other local bands like Everything Under the Sun and former finalist on The Voice Joshua Davis have also shared streaming performances.

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