Peanut honored for her lifesaving efforts

Published: May. 19, 2017 at 6:11 PM EDT
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A special resident of Rapid River was rewarded on Friday for her heroic efforts. State Representative Beau LaFave made the presentation.

The hero?: Peanut the dog. She was put in the spotlight for finding a little girl freezing and naked in a field in Rapid River in March.

Peanut was rescued by the Delta Animal Shelter after she suffered several broken bones and other injuries in an abusive situation. Peanut’s new family, Kathryn and Kyle Frisk of Rapid River, adopted her from the shelter last year and said she is a great dog with a loving personality.

State Rep. LaFave arranged the lifesaving award, which is signed by Governor Rick Snyder, Lieutenant Gov. Brian Calley, State Senator Tom Casperson and himself.

“Stories like this can't happen without the hard work and generous support of people to your local shelters so as a citizen of the Upper Peninsula, not as your state representative, please donate to your local shelters,” LaFave said. “You might just save a life.”

The case of the girl in the field is ongoing in the court system and with police.

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