Partridge Creek Farm to host healthy garden tour

ISHPEMING, Mich. (WLUC) - Partridge Creek Farm invites everyone to attend Ishpeming’s newest healthy initiative.

Starting at 4 p.m. Monday stop by the Elks Lodge in Ishpeming for a free walking, biking tour of each of the five Partridge Creek Farm garden sites located all around town.

Dan Perkins, Director of Partridge Creek Farm says there will be various activities set up at each garden including Thai Chi, Yoga and obstacle courses.

"We've been steadily building this inventory of gardens in Ishpeming and we want to show them off and we want to start incorporating them into healthy activities for the community," Perkins announced.

It's all in an effort to keep Ishpeming moving towards a healthy culture, according to Perkins.

“And that culture is developing very nicely. We've got great trails and people are into healthy activities and this is becoming an alternative community to the expensive community of Marquette. A lot of people are just choosing a simpler, easier lifestyle here in Ishpeming and I see this town coming around nicely,” Perkins declared.

Perkins says you may want to bring a towel or blanket as some of the activities will be performed in the grass.

The tour will end up back at the Elk’s site where staff from Taste the Local Difference and the PE-Nut program will prepare a healthy meal made from the fruits and vegetables grown in the gardens.

Perkins says he plans to make finding these healthy fruits and vegetables as easy as logging into your phone.

"We're building an interactive map that people can plug into and know where our gardens are and what they have at any given moment. We've got 68 raised beds in this town. We've got 27 Hügelkultur mounds. We've got open fields and we've got an orchard. So we've got a number of laces that we're starting to locate on these maps and then also let people know when things are ready for harvest," Perkins stated.

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