Parks and Rec trying to stay 'on track' to keep up with Al Quaal trails

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ISHPEMING, Mich. (WLUC) - 14 inches of snow.

A two man crew.

20 kilometers of trails.

With numbers like these, it’s no surprise that Ishpeming parks and recreation are a little behind with grooming the Al Quaal trails.

"It’s a lot of hours, it’s a lot of time," said Tim Dellangelo, the Parks and Rec Foreman.

But before any trail grooming could begin after Sunday's snowfall, Dellangelo first had to clear the roads to trails.

"We had to focus on getting all the parking lots clear so people could even get to areas they wanted to ski," said Dellangelo.

Next the Park and Rec crew used the roller to pack the snow on the trails to make sure there’s a good foundation.

And for Dellangelo, Sunday’s snow was actually helpful for this process.

"We need that right now to get that type of base down," explained Dellangelo. "We have to roll it so you’re not hitting any leaves or branches out there on the course."

Once the snow is packed, it's groomed and a track in laid down for skiers.

"With the amount of snow we just got, we try to make one trail available as soon as possible so that they can ski on it after."

Right now, the Baby Lake trail is rolled and opened for snowshoers, while the Teal Lake trail still needs to be packed and groomed.

"It’s just time consuming, sometimes you have trees that fall down that you got to cut trees and cut branches and get them out of the trail."

Ishpeming Parks and Rec plans work all week to have the Teal Lake trail done by this weekend and this hard work doesn’t go unnoticed by local skiers.

"The guys do the best they can to groom them," said cross country skier, Paul Luehmann. "With the deep snow, its definitely harder to ski because you are pushing all that snow, but once they groom it, it’s pretty easy."

Once the Teal Lake Trail is completed, Ishpeming will then move their efforts to the more difficult trails, Deer and Olympic.

For updates on trail openings, click here.

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