Parkour classes proving popular in Crystal Falls

Published: Dec. 27, 2018 at 3:49 PM EST
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Kids in Crystal Falls are learning a different type of skill with new classes that started in the area. From crawling upside down to climbing the walls, they are learning about parkour.

"We do obstacle courses and sometimes if we're lucky we get to test our strengths on jumping over the balance beam,” one participant Anna Bush said. “I like to test my strength and see how good I am."

The goal of parkour is to get from one place to another as fast as possible and participants are able to use anything around to help them get there.

"I like to learn how to do dangerous stuff without getting hurt," Bush added.

"We started Inclusion because we felt that the area needed something for the kids to do,” Inclusion Owner Marla Bradley said. “The kids in the area didn't have a lot of things to do, not a lot of activities or a lot of sports."

So many kids were looking for things to do, that enrollment was much higher than expected.

"We had lots of kids. We had so many kids actually from the ages 6-9 that we had to split the class. So we had one class that was so big. The first day that we did it, we have 19 kids in one class which was way too many for one class so we split it up into two and it was a little bit more handle-able."

But even with big classes, they are still accepting new people from all different backgrounds.

"I called it Inclusion Dance because we wanted to make sure to include everyone,” Bradley said. “Including everyone means including everyone with physical or mental disabilities or it also means including anyone who financially can't afford classes."

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