PETA questions placement of Grand Teton cubs at Oswald’s Bear Ranch

Logos courtesy: Oswald's Bear Ranch and PETA
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NEWBERRY, Mich. (WLUC) - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and Oswald's Bear Ranch in Newberry are again at odds.

On Wednesday, December 5, PETA released a statement regarding a letter they sent to Grand Teton National Park and National Park Service officials, urging them not to send any more wild bear cubs to Oswald's Bear Ranch. Two bear cubs, named Teton and Wyoming, were brought to Oswald’s this fall after their mother died in Grand Teton National Park.

"If Wyoming authorities had known that Oswald's Bear Ranch was a bear-killing tourist trap, they likely wouldn't have touched it with a barge pole," says PETA Foundation Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement Brittany Peet. "PETA has helped to move dozens of bears in dire straits to reputable facilities and is offering to work with the National Park Service to ensure that no other bear is sentenced to suffer at this despicable operation."

According to Oswald’s CIO Monte Oswald, they were reached out to directly by the National Park Service and the Zoological Association of America to take in the cubs, so the cubs wouldn’t have to be euthanized.

“Anyone who visits us can see that these cubs are being well-cared for and will have a safe home for the rest of their lives,” Oswald told TV6 over the phone.

Oswald also said PETA’s request last month to have the U.S. Department of Agriculture do an investigation into Oswald’s was “completely denied.” The USDA said they will only continue to do normal inspections, as they do at all their facilities, Oswald told TV6.

Though Oswald’s Bear Ranch is closed for the season, to let the black bears hibernate for winter, Monte Oswald encourages everyone to visit come spring to let them see how the bears are taken care of.

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