Organizations come together to improve deer wintering habitats

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has awarded a grant to improve deer habitats in Marquette and Delta County. $13,000 is going to the Marquette County Conservation District.

They’re partnering with U.P. Whitetails and a local tree nursery to improve the wintering habitats of six private landowner’s properties. The plans include planting evergreens for shelter and other trees that can serve as a food source.

Officials from the conservation organization said this provides critical relief to the deer during winter.

“Everybody knows the deer are not doing well and part of that is the loss of habitat,” District Manager Rachel Guth said. “They need critical over-wintering places and there are places we know about that are over-wintering habitat sites so we are targeting those areas.”

Many of the winter habitat sites are in southern Marquette County. In total, the DNR is awarding $100,000 in grant funding for 11 projects across 13 counties.

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