Ore Dock Brewing Co. hosts first ever Freak Show Flea Market

Published: Dec. 3, 2017 at 10:50 PM EST
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If you like flea markets and beer, then the Ore Dock Brewing Company had the perfect event for you Sunday afternoon.

The brewery hosted its first ever Freak Show Flea Market, an idea thought up by a friend of the brewery. Anyone could come buy, sell or trade any sort of weird, interesting, or unique goods. More than 25 vendors came to the event featuring books, records, clothes, jewelry, art, and all sorts of oddities. And for the first ever Freak Show Flea Market, the Ore Dock Brewing Company was very pleased with the way the community turned out for the event.

"As soon as the Facebook event went up, it really caught on, so hopefully we'll be able to do this again, maybe expand it a little bit as well. We're really, really happy with the turnout we've gotten and the community really coming in strong like we knew that they would, bringing all the weird stuff out and it's pretty cool," says Kris Wierenga, the Entertainment & Floor Manager of Ore Dock Brewing Company.

For future events at Ore Dock Brewing Company, you can visit its Facebook page