Opening night for 'The Brain Trust' at the Vista Theater

NEGAUNEE, Mich. (WLUC) - ‘The Brain Trust’ premiered on Thursday evening at the Vista Theater in Negaunee.

This show follows four young boys, who turned into four young men, who entered the service together.

The play was written by the Marquette County Veteran of the Year Bill Hager.

Inspired by his own life experiences, the show explores the importance of brotherhood, life in the military and the impact of PTSD.

Hager hopes audience members walk away with a specific message.

"A help for the public to find reason or some type of contemplation of what that era went through. It affected every single person in this country, military or civilian, and does yet to this day; and that's the message we want to send,” says Hager.

Hager says that all the servicemen made great sacrifices, as did their families, for their country.

The show will be happening this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as the next weekend.

You can buy tickets for ‘The Brain Trust’ here

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