Open house in Marquette inviting girls to join Scouts BSA

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC)- Girls are now welcome to join the Boy Scouts of America, which is now called Scouts BSA.

An open house was held on Tuesday evening in Marquette to inform the community about the changes.

Marquette will have the second Scouts troop in the Upper Peninsula that includes girls, the first one being in Manistique.

The girls’ troop will be following the exact same program as the Boy Scouts with more outdoor adventure skills, as well as developing character and leadership skills.

There will be separate troops for boys and girls in Scouts BSA but still several opportunities for the different troops to interact.

This change means girls are now eligible to becoming Eagle Scouts.

Scout Master Mike Brinker is excited for girls to experience the Scouts BSA.

"I think this is a long overdue opportunity for the girls to be involved in Scouting, it helps bring the families together,” says Brinker. “In a lot of cases girls have been left out of the programs that the boys were able to participate in, so this helps bring them together."

The Scouts BSA are looking for more members to join, any boys or girls between the ages of 11 to 17 are welcome.

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