Open house held to celebrate Ogee Trail Network expansion

NORWAY, Mich. (WLUC) - An open house was held Sunday at the True North Outpost in Norway to celebrate the opening of new trails in the Ogee Trail System.

"So, we're starting to build a complex of bike trails that hold its own against some of the other areas and becomes a destination that people want to come to,” said True North Outpost Co-owner, Nate Alwine.

The trail network expansion now allows bikers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts to go from Marion Park through Piers Gorge.

"I think it's a huge bonus for anybody riding their bike because now instead of a two mile trail connected to a two mile trail that you have to get out onto the road and move around, now they're all connected and you can move that whole trail without having to get off onto a road. From a safety standpoint, with kids and everything else, it makes it a lot more fun,” said True North Outpost Co-owner, Austin Kalcec.

The open house organized by the Dickinson Trail Network featured food, trail tours, door prizes and a live band. All of this was to show appreciation to the volunteers that worked hard day-in and day-out to build the new trails.

"Dickinson Trail Network has people from all over helping, we're helping out as much as we can with materials and land. It's just getting together as a community and making something happen,” Kalcec said.

"They're out there from five in the morning until the sun sets, until they can't see anymore. There's such passion, that it's really neat to see and it's really contagious and this is really the type of thing that grows roots,” added Alwine.

To read more about the expansion project, click here.

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