One road impassable in Baraga County

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BARAGA COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) - Update 7/19/2017: A portion of Stagecoach Drive in Spurr Township is still impassable after a wash out Tuesday morning.

According to Baraga County Road Commission the damage is being accessed at this time. It is unknown when repairs will start and how much they will cost.

An alternative travel route through nearby property has been opened for local drivers living on the other side of the wash out.

No houses or injuries were reported after the initial incident.


Michigan State Police has confirmed that flooding has caused Stagecoach Drive in Baraga County to be impassable.

Flooding was caused by Beaufort Lake that washed out sometime early Tuesday morning.

MSP confirmed that there are some houses in the area, but they do not know how many or if anyone is in them.

The Michigamme-Spurr Volunteer Fire Department and Baraga County Road Commission are also assessing the scene.

Alternate routes are available for residents.

No injuries were reported.

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