Ojibwa Casino construction and completion dates delayed

Published: Oct. 13, 2017 at 6:07 PM EDT
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Groundbreaking for the Ojibwa Casino construction began in December of 2016 and since then the casinos have run into a few issues pushing back the completion date to 2019. In Marquette, the septic system construction costs have increased about 2 million dollars.

"There’s a whole process that goes into that, not only just paying for that but also the design work," said Don Wren, the Ojibwa Casino General Manager. "It's things like that, that pushed us back."

The electricity quota was also increased from $375,000 to $600,000. These increases in Marquette not only delayed work, but have changed the amount of infrastructure renovations to the Baraga Casino.

"It’s still going to be really great, a great place to come," said Wren. "It’s just not quite as grand as we would have hoped for because of the Marquette property."

Officials plan for the Baraga renovations to be completed in spring 2018 whereas the completion on the Marquette Casino Convention Center, entertainment arena and new hotel has been pushed to late summer of 2019.

Between the two, renovation costs more than 33 million dollars.

"This is a whole different animal here, and a whole great big change to this area not only to this casino, but to community as well so this will take longer," said Wren.

Although the construction has been delayed the marketing committee said they are right on track at rebranding both the Marquette and Baraga casinos.

"We are close to have our brand logo ready to roll and from there we will have new advertising on TV, radio, and print," said Jim Orr, the Marketing Manager. "We also will have new outdoor billboards and direct mail, online and social media all with our marketing plan."

Construction on the Baraga casino will begin mid-November with Marquette following right behind. Officials hope to move the three houses where their entertainment arena will be built before winter begins.