Office full of pediatric therapists get pregnant at the same time

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GROVETOWN, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT/Gray News) - You've heard the saying, "There must be something in the water," and that just may be true when it comes to one business that had a baby boom in the last year.

A baby boom has hit an office in Grovetown. (Source: WRDW)

Five pediatric therapists have had the same number of babies over the past six months, and there are even more on the way.

Therapy Trails office in Grovetown is already filled with kids during business hours, and now it's a full house when these women head home too.

"We do speech, physical and occupational therapy for kiddos in the area," explained owner Elizabeth Peavy. She says seven ladies have told her they're pregnant in less than a year.

"When we had six people pregnant, we only had 12 or so employees, so that was about 50% of our staff that was pregnant," she said.

Five of those babies have been born to their loving families. Baby Aubrey was the first , then came Anna, Emmalynn, Parker, and Marshall. There are still two left to join the pack.

"I think when they see the picture of everybody pregnant at once its like, 'Whoa. That is a bunch of women,'" Peavy said.

These coworkers bonded in more ways than one.

"We were all clueless, and even as pediatric therapists, when it's your own child and your own pregnancy, your confidence, and you question everything. It's definitely great to have other moms going through the same thing," said Anna Simpson. "We have a couple of second-time moms to lean on too and be like, 'Ya'll chill out. Everything's gonna be okay. You're gonna meet your baby soon.'"

But the biggest surprise came during an interview with WRDW. That's when Peavy told her friends she was about to be number eight. That's right: She's expecting her first child.

Congratulations to all of these women and their families.

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