Norway-Vulcan Student creates competition to raise items

Some toys collected so far. (WLUC Photo)
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NORWAY, Mich. (WLUC) - A senior at Norway-Vulcan High School is helping others by creating a competition between classes.

Carson Lagina is having a 'Child Life' fundraiser for kids at St. Vincent Hospital in Green Bay, a place he was actually a patient at when he was younger.

He set up this idea 2 years ago for a school project and is doing it again, but with a twist. He has now turned the giving into a competition between the homerooms at the school, but is collecting from the public as well.

The biggest needs are new stuffed animals, toddler toys and squeeze balls.

“To see teachers putting out incentives, like bring in toys bring in toys. I mean it's something good for the community. I'm happy to see that,” said Lagina.

He has collected 40 items so far, but is taking donations through Dec. 6th. There are drop boxes at Norway-Vulcan High School for the items.

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