Northern Michigan University professor speaks about solar panel materials for 'Science on Tap'

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - People gathered at the Ore Dock Brewery on Thursday night for a ‘Science On Tap’ event about solar panel materials. The speaker, Dr. Patrick Mengyan, is an assistant physics professor at Northern Michigan University, and he spoke about the science behind materials used in solar panels.

Mengyan says that the science behind solar panels is somewhat unknown, and that he wants to provide people with basic knowledge from a physics standpoint.

"Education is something that, unfortunately for complicated and technical topics, is often lacking. This is definitely one of those areas that is an area in which I am an expert. So, if I can do my part and talk about a: something I like, b: I'm excited about, and c: people are interested in, then it checks all those boxes," says Mengyan.

More information on the science-on-tap program at the ore dock brewery can be found on the NMU Sigma Xi website, or by calling the Ore Dock Brewery at (906) 228-8888.

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