Northern Michigan University honors students at 24th Annual 'Celebration of Student Scholarship'

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Northern Michigan University is recognizing the hard work of their students Thursday during the 24th Annual Celebration of Student Scholarship.

Every year, NMU hosts their Celebration of Student Scholarship; a day meant to honor the scholarly and creative work of students at all levels.

"This event is for students to celebrate their scholarship in all disciplines, so it's all valued, it's all important for them to just take charge of their own education and really ask their own questions," said Heather Pickett, director of the McNair Scholars Program at NMU.

During the Celebration, poster boards fill Jamrich Hall. On those boards a brief look into the research students have conducted over the past year. Throughout the day students will present their work.

"To be able to come out here and talk about what you're passionate about and what you've been spending so much time on is hugely important and it's really humbling and a great experience,” said Sierra Gillman, a graduate student in the Biology department. “I’m proud of everyone."

NMU is proud of the research that their students do, and pride themselves as being one of the few institutions to offer hands on research opportunities to undergraduates.

"Our students graduate with a bachelor’s degree and go on to work in labs at larger institutions and are teaching graduate students their lab techniques because they were able to learn them as undergrads, so it's a really big advantage and we're proud of what they do," said Pickett.

For many students, these opportunities are the reason that they chose Northern over other universities.

"I'm using local guides and hunters to collect the samples for me during harvest and everyone has been so invested and interested in it, and the mentors within the biology department and even beyond within NMU have been tremendous," said Gillman.

This was the largest Celebration the university has ever held, and they're planning an even bigger one for next year’s 25th anniversary.

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