Northern Lights Glass celebrates Michigan's first legal 420 day

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - It's the first 420 since voters said yes to Proposal 1 last year.

To celebrate, Northern Lights Glass on Third Street hosted a fun, adults-only party all day.

There were deep discounts on glass products which are all either Michigan made or made in the USA.

There was also live music, prizes, and games; all to celebrate Michigan’s first legal 420 day.

The games were homegrown versions of party classics like pin the joint on the stoner, nug-toss, and bobbing for apples where winners earned a free glass piece.

It's important to note that no kids were allowed and there was no smoking or marijuana use of any kind at the shop.

But now that it's legal, Northern Lights Salesperson, Johnny Homegrown says people should always remember to partake responsibly.

"We can all get along. I would prefer to see people celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and all their holidays with a little bit of cannabis rather than alcohol. I think we can all agree that alcohol isn't great in terms of social problems. But we take away the criminality with the whole legalization of it and it basically solves the problem itself,” Homegrown declared.

Despite recreational marijuana being legal now, Homegrown says the business hasn’t seen much of a rise in sales.

"We didn't see much of an uptick in business because stoners have been around for a while. People have been smoking and they were out there the whole time it’s just now they don't have to hide so much and that's what's cool," Homegrown announced.

Remember, marijuana and its derivatives should only be used in designated places like in a private residence. Never operate a motor vehicle under the influence of marijuana.

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