No toast: Major liquor distributor hit over delivery delays

Published: Nov. 25, 2019 at 9:25 AM EST
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A major Michigan liquor distributor is taking heat for

Republic National Distributing acknowledges the problems and says it may take many more days to fix things. Joe Gigliotti says there's no liquor shortage - it's all in the warehouse.

The distributor consolidated operations in Livonia, causing problems for months. Gigliotti told state regulators Friday that it "seemed to overload the system.''

Liquor Control Commission Chairman Pat Gagliardi says the problems show what can happen when a distributor has a large share of the market. Some retailers have driven to the warehouse to get their liquor.

The commission has logged more than 800 complaints in November. Steve Soka of Franklin Liquor & Deli in Southfield says the holidays are a critical time to sell liquor.