NewGait brings new opportunities for physical therapy

Published: Nov. 7, 2017 at 5:24 PM EST
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With one step at a time, Scott Weiser is on his long road to recovery after a car accident and Multiple Sclerosis has limited his mobility. However, with the NewGait device, Weiser's steps are much smoother.

"It gives me a lot more freedom," said Weiser. "I’m able to walk around a lot more and not fall all over the place."

But the journey to this finished product a was long one too. It started off as the Speed Maker, an athlete geared invention for strengthening hip flexors through straps and resistance bands. It was this simple but effective product that opened ideas for local physical therapists.

"We started thinking outside the box with that," said Kim Spranger the UP Health System Rehab Services Physical Therapist Director. "For weeks we sat here and talked about how we create loops to put on this belt so we can try it on different muscles not just the hip flexors."

With the help of local physical therapists, the Californian inventor is re-branding the Speed Maker.

"We are now trying to shift and re-brand for those who have gait issues," said inventor NewGait and CEO of Elite Athlete Products. "Local therapists have tweaked it and modified it and put the bands in different positions, so it’s really been with their help that this product has gotten where it is today."

With a different combination of straps, braces and elastic bands, the NewGait offers unparalleled assistance to increase stride length and stride frequency.

"The thing that is amazing about this is that it is so simple," said Spranger. "To literally hook carabiners on to leg straps, we can create anything we need to."

Patients have not only raved about the results of the NewGait, but also of the affordable price. According to the Elite Athlete Products website, the various straps and bands don't exceed over $100.

"Everybody needs to give this a chance," said Weiser. "I know there’s other technologies on the market,but I think this should be given the chance first."

For more details on how to purchase a NewGait,

On Wednesday, TV6 will have more NewGait success stories, along with details on NMU's rehab study on the effectiveness of this product in relation to multiple sclerosis.