New program notifies parents when teens get pulled over

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - A new program is being implemented within the Marquette County Sheriff's Office to encourage safe teen driving.

The program, called "STOPPED," allows parents and guardians to register their teens' vehicles so that they are notified if their teen is involved in a traffic stop with a sheriff's deputy.

After a parent registers a vehicle online, they are sent a sticker that displays their contact information. That sticker is then put in the vehicle, and allows deputies to either e-mail or text parents to alert them to when and why the stop occurred.

The program was implemented downstate one month ago, and is now being adopted by every U.P. county. Prior to STOPPED, parents were notified of traffic stops by mail, which sometimes took weeks to receive.

Marquette County Sheriff, Greg Zyburt, says the program has been successful statewide, and that he believes it will help promote safe driving within Marquette County.

"Sometimes, they [teens] don't always tell their parents. So this is a way for parents to know that their son or daughter may have been stopped and why they're being stopped," Zyburt said. "It's a 2,000 lb. bullet that the teen has power of. It can be dangerous."

The program is free and is possible through a grant to the Michigan Sheriffs Association from State Farm Insurance.

To register a vehicle and to learn more about the program, click here.

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