New owner reveals plans for Keweenaw Mountain Lodge

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COPPER HARBOR, Mich. (WLUC) - The new Keweenaw Mountain Lodge owner revealed his plans for the lodge on Wednesday.

New Keweenaw Mountain Lodge owner John Mueller emphasized strengthening the community during his talk at 1 Million Cups.

"I want to grow the pie in the area. So, what happens is we are just part of the Keweenaw and Copper Harbor," said Mueller.

Several community members brought up advertising and communication concerns about the lodge's future.

"We really want to make this a destination. There has been hardly any marketing done with the lodge recently because of the transition. So, we are going to put more money into marketing. That could be into advertising. That could be into sponsorships and partnerships with the community," said Mueller.

Mueller wants to grow adventure tourism at the lodge. That includes hopes for 10 to 14 winter cabins to remain open starting next winter. Mueller also has a plan to help employees working in Copper Harbor during the winter.

"A lot of our employees are living down in Calumet and work up here and that is a 45 minute drive. It actually can be a hazard during the winter time for keeping it open in the winter time and so we want to work with the community to develop employee housing to where they don't have to drive back and forth that 45 minutes," said Mueller.

As part of ongoing transition, the lodge says goodbye to its current coordinator. Harvey Desnick returns to retirement in December.

"I was brought on by the county after the rural development had requested they put it up for sale. So, when I joined that was kind of my mission: to see this to a completion," said Desnick.

Mueller currently travels between his businesses in Texas, Kalamazoo and the Keweenaw.

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