New greenspace park made possible by DNR grant

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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) A new park was opened Friday in Houghton.

The park is a greenspace park, meaning that it will have minimal man-made attractions. There will be trails, benches, birdhouses, and minimal signage to point out geological points.

As of right now, the park only has natural trails, but the new attractions will be added in the coming weeks. The park is the result of a successful grant from the Michigan Department of Natural Resource's trust fund.

"The purchase of this land will complete this nature area," said Houghton Assistant City Manager Ann Vollrath. "There are six lots adjoining this that had been donated by Marilyn Mason to the Copper Country Audubon previously, so they are all adjoining each other and now this makes a park of almost six acres right in the center of town."

The park is located on Seventh Avenue, just east of Portage Street.

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