New evidence introduced during Sadowski pretrial hearing

MUNISING, Mich. (WLUC) - Jason Sadowski, 49, was back in court Wednesday morning for another pretrial hearing. Sadowski is facing life in prison for the charge of homicide, open murder, in the death of his roommate, Timothy Mozader.

During the hearing, the prosecution made a motion to introduce new evidence for the trial. The evidence was two videos from the Alger County jail that show Sadowski getting into altercations with other inmates.

In the videos, Sadowski attacks the inmates with punches, and chokes one of them. The prosecution believes this is similar to the way that he allegedly murdered his roommate.

"We're looking at rapid punches to the face and neck area, followed by a choking maneuver that damages the neck and renders the victim incapacitated,” said prosecutor Robert Steinhoff.

"So you have three dissimilar incidences here,” said Sadowksi’s Attorney, Mark Dobias. “You have a response that incorporates violence, but just that in and of itself is not enough to meet the threshold, they have to be strikingly similar.”

The judge has 21 days to make a ruling on whether or not this evidence can be used during the trial. No official trial date has been set at this time.

Sadowski was previously arrested for solicitation to commit murder, two counts of torture, two counts of unlawful imprisonment and two counts of assault by strangulation in 2013. He was convicted and sentenced to 40-80 years in prison for those.

After an appeal, Sadowski was granted a retrial. At the retrial, he was acquitted of all charges. Minutes after that retrial, he was arrested again for violating federal law by possessing a firearm as a felon. In 2017, those federal charges were dropped.

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