New committee launches to oppose legalization of marijuana

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LANSING, Mich. (WLUC) - The "Healthy and Productive Michigan" Committee announced its formation in Michigan to oppose any and all efforts to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Michigan.

"Now that big money has started to get behind legalizing recreational marijuana in Michigan, its time we put Michigan first and oppose these efforts. Pot won’t help Michigan become healthy and productive," stated the organization’s President, Scott Greenlee, who runs Greenlee Consulting and is a long time political activist who has previously served as Vice Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party and held leadership roles on several successful campaigns. "We remain opposed to increased marijuana use in Michigan and will actively oppose any ballot initiative promoting this flawed idea."

Several states, including Vermont, Ohio Rhode Island, Delaware, and Arizona, have rejected the idea that recreational marijuana is good for their state. People in states with legalized marijuana, like Colorado have found that things are not as they expected.

There now seems to be a lot of buyer’s remorse among groups representing children, the business community, faith-based organizations, law enforcement at all levels, medical professionals, and others who live in marijuana-legal states. "We will work to make sure Michigan does not make the same mistake," said Greenlee.

Healthy and Productive Michigan has already garnered statewide support through donations and volunteers. The committee plans to be active throughout the entire state of Michigan providing education on the issue citizens will consider. More details and events will be released as the committee continues to organize and we move into 2018.

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