New bus service coming to Dickinson County schools

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KINGSFORD, Mich. (WLUC) - Breitung Township Schools and Dickinson Iron ISD have chosen a new bus service. Schilleman's Bus Services from Eagle River, Wisconsin, will now be transporting the students.

The two districts were told a few weeks ago that R&A Transportation was breaking their contract. This gave them roughly a month to find a new service.

"We're on the hop right now, we're working pretty fast,” Breitung Township Schools Superintendent, Craig Allen, said. “We hope to get everything in place by the 26th of November. That requires purchasing new buses, getting those buses not only licensed but inspected by the Michigan State Police. Probably the most important is getting enough drivers on board to start when we hope to start on the 26th."

The school are talking with R&A drivers to see if they are willing to switch to the new company with them.

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