New Science Facility will be renamed to Kathleen Shingler Weston Hall

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Some big changes will soon take place on Northern Michigan University’s campus.

Recently, NMU’s Board of Trustees approved renaming the New Science Facility to Kathleen Shingler Weston Hall.

Kathleen Shingler is one of NMU's first female graduates, who went on to complete a medical degree.

Due to her trailblazing work, the campus community thought this would be the best way to acknowledge her.

"I think it's an appropriate honor for a woman who achieved as much as she did, and hopefully once the signage goes up and people become more familiar with the name of the building, they will look into her career more and see all of the things she accomplished. It was a remarkable journey, and she was a lifelong learner,” said NMU News Director Kristi Evans.

NMU officials says they’ve received great feedback from the community on this exciting news, and are excited to move along in this process.

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