New River Trail dedication held

HANCOCK, Mich. (WLUC) - Dozens gathered at the Tomasi Trailhead of Maasto Hiihto on Sunday for the dedication celebration of the New River Trail.

"Last summer our groomers did a major trail improvement on a mile plus of our trails. Today we just did a little ceremony to dedicate the improved trails,” said Keweenaw Nordic Ski Club President (KNSC), Jay Green.

Before the renovation, Green says hardly anyone used the trail in the summer due to its poor condition.

"It was very lumpy and bumpy. There were still stumps, stobs, and rocks too big to move,” Green said.

With generous donations, the KNSC was able to purchase a tractor to help smooth out the trail. Colin Pekkala, the lead groomer, said the project took a lot of hard work.

"With the bigger stuff we had to get a dozer in there. But the tractor was a lot easier to maneuver in there, we could use the backhoe to dig out drainages, put in culverts, so that there were no more water problems. Then we basically smoothed out all the rocks and bumps that we'd hit,” Pekkala said.

Both Pekkala and Green hope the improved trail attracts more people during all seasons.

"This is pretty much the only spot to see the creek for a ways, the beaver dams, and all of that scenery. But now, since we’ve fixed it, you can bike it, hike it, you know, it’s a really nice trail. It’s just like walking in the city almost, it’s so smooth and enjoyable,” Pekkala added.

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