New NMU dorm construction starts with demolition of Payne Hall

Published: Aug. 2, 2016 at 6:08 PM EDT
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For four weeks now demolition has been going on at Payne Hall on Northern Michigan University's campus. Currently demolition is happening by hand on the building in order to separate the former residence hall from the Quad I Complex.

The Quad I Complex will stay in tact for at least another year, but after hand demolition is complete, Payne Hall will be completely demolished with heavy equipment. Demolition of the 50-year-old hall, and other residence halls will make room for six brand new dorms.

"Demolition of Payne Hall is actually the first phase of a three phase demolition project," says Jim Thams, Director of Facilities and Campus Planning at NMU. "This year Payne Hall will come down, next year Halverson Hall will come down, and then the following year Gant, Spalding will come down."

As soon as Payne Hall is demolished, they will begin construction on footings for part of the new dorm that will be built in Payne Hall's place.

By the fall of 2017, they are hoping to have at least two of the six new buildings open for students. Then, in the winter semester of 2018, two more dorms will open. Finally, in the fall of 2018 the last two dorms will open and the project will be complete.

When completed, the new facility will have 1,229 beds, include a new lodge, and all will have new and up to date amenities that the old dorms didn't have. The residence halls will have traditional suites like the dorms have now, but there will also be private suites. There will be 4 people living in each private suite, but each members will have their own private bedroom.

The new facility will not include a new cafeteria though, and these dorms will utilize the existing dining hall at Quad I.