New DNR Director makes his first stop in the Upper Peninsula

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ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - The Upper Peninsula Sportsmens Alliance's quarterly meeting was called to order earlier Saturday morning in Escanaba. Many people were in attendance, including the new department of natural resources director, Dan Eichinger.

"We welcome Dan abroad,” said Sportsmens Alliance President Tony Demboski. “I've worked with him in the past, and I'm sure we're going to be getting along really good."

Eichinger says making his first stop in the Upper Peninsula since being appointed was crucial.

"Having a good sense of what priorities are for folks up here, and then being able to take that back to Lansing, continuing to work those issues and have conversations about those issues is why we do this kind of thing and that's why we're out here meeting with folks,” said Dan Eichinger, the new Department of Natural Resources Director.

Since the majority of topics discussed within the DNR focuses on the Upper Peninsula’s way of life, Eichinger to make sure every voice is included in the conversation.

"Folks up here talk this stuff really seriously, and their relationship with the Department of Natural Resources is very important and what I want to try and convey by being up here is that our relationship with the folks that live, work and play in the Upper Peninsula is very important to this department as well,” said Eichinger.

From Saturday's meeting, Eichinger is hopeful he will walk away with a better understanding on where to start to effectively fulfill his new role.

"Conservation is a team sport, and in order for it to be a team sport ... it means I have to be on the same page as to what our folks are looking for,” said Eichinger.

The next Sportsmens Alliance meeting will take place May 4, 2019 at the William Anderson Sportsman Club in Hermansville at 9 AM CST.
They encourage more people to attend their meetings to increase the Upper Peninsula’s voice down in Lansing.