New Alger County Sheriff sworn in

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MUNISING, Mich. (WLUC) - It was a dream come true for Alger County native Todd Brock, who was sworn as Alger County's newest sheriff Thursday morning.

Todd Brock was sworn in as Alger County Sheriff Thursday at 9 a.m. in Alger County District Count.

Brock was hired under former Alger County Sheriff David Cromell in 1991.

"I had goals and visions back then, serving proudly as a deputy sheriff for Sheriff Cromell and 25 years later, here I am," Brock said.

While Thursday was about celebrating, Brock knows this position will be demanding, citing funding as one of the biggest challenges at the Alger County Sheriff's Department.

"As the dollars decrease and manpower is cut, the challenge is to continue to provide the service that we provide for less," Brock said. "Our people, I can't talk highly enough about how they've been able to do that and manage their jobs in tough economic times."

Brock said the department is also working to continue the transfer into the 22-bed jail addition that was recently completed.

"We're going to be housing all of Luce County's inmates so that transition is underway now," Brock said. "We've basically doubled our bed space. We're working the kinks out in the new facility, learning the locking mechanisms, the security mechanisms of that facility and that seems to be our challenge right now is the upfront running of that facility."

After Brock was sworn in, he called up his new undersheriff, Steve Blank.

Not only have Brock and Blank worked together since 1996, they actually went to grade school together--both graduating from Munising High School.

"I graduated in '86, he graduated in '87, so we've known each other for many moons," Blank said.

"We've been best of friends, so I have a strong comfort there with my undersheriff," Brock said.

Blank, like Brock, began his law enforcement career in 1991, working part-time for the Alger County Sheriff's Department.

He then spent about three and a half years with the Munising City Police before joining the Alger County Sheriff's Department 1996.

Blank has spent his career in the field, working road patrols and later, being appointed to detective.

"I think with Todd and I working together both side by side, he's more knowledgeable right now within the department working with budgets, administrative stuff, and I'm a little bit more familiar with Alger County as a whole," Blank said. "I'm very confident that whatever emergency shall come up, we're going to be able to handle it. We have the personnel to handle it and we have the equipment to handle it."

Brock and Blank officially take on their new roles Jan. 1, 2017.

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