Negaunee becomes Rydell High for production of 'Grease'

NEGAUNEE, Mich. (WLUC) - Negaunee High School will transform into Rydell High from Thursday through Sunday as students in the chorus class there will be performing the beloved 1950s-based musical “Grease.”

"It's super exciting. I didn't know much about 'Grease' before we started doing it. I had actually never seen the movie until we watched it in class and ever since then I've really been in love with it, you know, the time is special, I think it's special and now it's going to be in my life forever and I love it," said Carter Richardson, who will be playing Kenickie.

In addition to watching the movie, students had their own ways of really getting into character.

"I kind of starting trying to around school, act like more goofy, kind of like 'woah, ha-ha', just laughing and just kind of act more like Sonny and get into the role and kind of bumping into people and messing around with people, so it was really cool," said Caleb Seppala, who will be playing Sonny.

Tyler Hintsala, who is playing the main role of Danny, is looking forward to performing this weekend.

"It's like right before I go out there, I'm a little nervous, but by the time I get about three lines in, I'll be totally fine," said Hintsala.

On Tuesday night, the class did a full dress rehearsal to practice for Thursday's opening show.

"Mother Nature was not kind to us this year, we missed a lot of practice, but to see these kids, I'm telling you, they are just amazing and to see them start from the beginning and to what they can accomplish at the end, it's worth every minute of it," says Bonita Symons, a volunteer that helps with musical productions at the school.

The performances begin Thursday night at 7 p.m., and the students are excited to show the public just how hard they have been working to put on a great show.

"We've been on the grindstone every day, taking weekends off and then we come back and get right back to it. But everyone is really great and we've done a great job and I'm excited for the show," added Richardson.

For more information on show times and ticket prices, go to the production’s Facebook page.

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