Negaunee Township, Ishpeming clean up after record snowfall

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MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) - After a record snowfall on December 2, residents of Negaunee Township and Ishpeming are still trying to clear driveways and roadways.

"It's tiring, exhausting, all this heavy snow," said Andrew Hopkins-Bey, who was shoveling his family's driveway.

Andrew, a freshman at Negaunee High School, got the day off from classes because of hazardous driving conditions after Sunday's record snowfall, but that also meant he was out for more than two hours shoveling snow out of his family's driveway.

"It's challenging to shovel it out of the ground because it's all like, dirt and it's slush so it's hard to lift," said Andrew.

The National Weather Service Marquette Office says December 2's 14.2 inches of snowfall broke the previous record of 10.2 inches set almost 15 years ago in 2004.

With wet, heavy snow, comes hazardous driving conditions and slushy slide offs.

"You try to get as many people as you can to help you out because one day you can do ten tows and the next day you have to do 50 when the weather's bad," said Brett Antilla, owner of Antilla Towing.

Antilla Towing Company in Ishpeming says throughout Sunday night, their crews were working until 2 a.m., responding to slide offs and trying to clear snow.

Antilla's responds to calls anywhere from the Michigan State Police Post in Negaunee to the county line.

"Today's sort of a clean up day," said Antilla, when talking about the clean up efforts the day after a big snowfall. "The people that are finally getting out get stuck in their driveways on the way out, we clean up accidents from yesterday, transporting them to body shops is another thing you do a lot of today."

But all that clean up may not be so bad...

"I just like being outside and and then when I'm tired I can just fall in the snow," laughed Alina Ghanavati, a fellow freshman at Negaunee High School who was helping Andrew shovel out snow.

The National Weather Service says when shoveling wet, heavy snow, it's important to take frequent breaks and not to over exert yourself.

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