Negaunee School District announces it will start 2019-2020 school year before Labor Day

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NEGAUNEE, Mich. (WLUC) - In a couple of more months, this school year will officially come to an end, which means the only concern in school officials' minds should be summer vacation, right?

Well, that's not the case for this school district. Starting next school year, the Negaunee School District will begin school on August 27, three days prior to Labor Day.

This decision came after looking over next year's school calendar and their potential Christmas break, which is only two weeks long due to how it fell. If they started after Labor Day, this would result in a later end date.

"The earliest we could end would be on June 10,” said Negaunee Schools Superintendent Dan Skewis.

The district also considered this year's winter conditions in their process. Due to snow days, they say their dismissal date could've easily been pushed back to June 12 or even the week of June 15.

"That threw us off a little bit because we feel students are much more focused in the fall when they return to school versus in the summer when they're starting to get spring fever and want to be dismissed for summer vacation,” explained the Superintendent.

Believe it or not, the Negaunee School District isn't the first to do this. The Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District has been starting school before Labor Day for three years and plans to continue doing so.

Other school districts like Escanaba and Houghton aren't sure of their schools intentions, while Marquette Area Public Schools says they're for sure not interested.

"We looked at all of these different options and we decided that starting on August 27, which is the Tuesday before Labor Day would be our best option,” said Skewis.

One concern did arise from parents with previously arranged vacation plans. The district says they will make accommodations for those students.

Other than that, the majority of the crowd is on board with their decision.

"I think it's a good decision under the circumstances. We find that students are ready for the start of school,” said Negaunee High School teacher Andy Skewis. “They’re also ready for the end of school so adding to the beginning of the school year seemed like educationally a better decision than extending the school year into June."

This decision is based off a three year waiver, meaning this isn't final. Things could possibly change in the future. However for right now, they're going to just go with the flow to see how it all goes.

If there are any questions or concerns, the community can contact the Negaunee School Administration's office.

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