Negaunee High School welcomes 'Peppa Pig' and 'Chris P. Bacon'

NEGAUNEE, Mich. (WLUC) - Students in Negaunee High School's (NHS) environmental science class does more than your typical school work.

Peppa Pig and Chris P. Bacon patiently await their breakfast. The two pigs were given to the school by Red Valley Farms. (WLUC Photo)

When the bell rings to begin third hour, students head outside to take care of chickens and the school's newest additions: Peppa Pig and Chris P. Bacon.

"Everything checked out and we just happened to get some pigs from a farmer nearby from Red Valley Farms, and so we're happy to get them this year and we'll see how it goes,” said NHS Environmental Science Teacher, Todd Backlund.

What began as a school garden has now blossomed into the school's very own miniature farm.

Not only do students take care of the animals and the garden, but they also hatch mealworms, grow fodder, feed and water the animals, and clean their pens.

"They take about five minutes, maybe 10 minutes, depending on the job that they're doing, and then the rest of the day we spend on information regarding agriculture and natural resources. A big thing we tie in is the conservation of our natural resources,” Backlund said.

Backlund added that although it can be hard work, it pays off because the students enjoy caring for the animals.

"We had to learn all of the roles, jobs, and responsibilities that the students have each day. So we had to learn each one, and now they are doing them on their own,” he said.

Not only does the school's farm provide hands-on agriculture experience, but Backlund said it also instills a sense of responsibility and pride in the students.

"It's everyone’s responsibility to get their role and job completed for the day so that we can have a successful outcome,” he said.

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