Need for computer science education as cyber attacks increase

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - "Computer science is infused in everything that everybody does. Period," said Keith Glendon, an IBM Security programming director.

One of the largest examples of computer science is cyber security as millions of cyber attacks occur daily. Glendon said without computer science education, people can’t be protected.

"It doesn’t matter what kind of data you have or what you are doing, somebody can take it and somebody can sell it," said M Latuszek, an IBM intern.

And according to experts, this problem is not going to go away soon.

"Hackers are better at teaching each other then we are on the blue side and that’s what is important is getting on the defensive side to go just as fast because they are going to keep increasing their skills," said Latuszek.

The solution - increase computer science education in schools. Glendon hopes with Marquette Public Schools, this solution can become a reality through the Governor’s new Marshall Plan.

"Teaching kids to code from five on up, teaching kids about networking and cyber security though college for kids programs," said Glendon.

Northern Michigan's cyber security major also plays a key role in the solution by offering education and internships with IBM Security.

"I graduated and now going to work for IBM in June, so being able to go out to explore and have hands on experience with the internship that’s what has been life changing for me," said Meredith Miller, a newly graduated NMU student.

Glendon predicts by 2020 over 2 million cyber security jobs will be unfilled. He hopes to get Marquette on the map to close that talent gap.

"We have this great chance here ahead of us with the Marshall Plan to say how can we take advantage of all of these pieces falling into place and create an epicenter of excellence in the U.P.," explained Glendon.

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