NOAA to work with MTU scientists out on Lake Superior

Published: Aug. 16, 2016 at 6:14 PM EDT
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The research never stops for Michigan Tech.

With the help of The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration or NOAA, MTU scientists continue to learn about their surroundings.

"We have everything from water policy people, to biologist, to fishery researchers," Great Lakes Research Center's director, Dr. Guy Meadows.

Michigan Tech's Great Lakes Research Center works with NOAA every summer.

For the next week, they'll be taking NOAA's 5501 vessel out on Lake Superior to do maintenance checks on several buoys and to measure the sound of research vessels.

The goal is to help them run quieter for nearby fish.

"Today, we're laying some hydrophones which are under water microphones under the water and we're doing some boat bypasses to baseline the sound coming from our research vessels and from the NOAA 5501," said MTU Mechanical Engineer, Dr. Andrew Barnard.

The vessel is assisting Michigan Tech scientists in many ways.

Including its ability to stay out on Lake Superior overnight.

What makes the vessel so cool and to help Michigan Tech researchers do their jobs a little bit easier is having a huge heavy lifting crane. it can pick buoys up to twenty seven hundred pounds out here on the Great Lakes."

Between Michigan Tech's intelligence and NOAA's physical capabilities, research collected will hopefully make a difference.

The NOAA 5501 vessel crew will travel back to Ann Arbor on August 26th.