NMU students, scholars compete in 3MT competition

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - 11 students and scholars gathered in Northern Michigan University's Mead Auditorium to present their theses on Wednesday.

"3MT is really made to be something that you can talk to anyone, they will understand what's going on, and you will keep their attention the whole time, its only three minutes, its not that hard to keep someone's attention for three minutes," says Janelle Taylor, coordinator of NMU Graduate and Research Affairs.

3MT, or 3 Minute Thesis, came to Northern Michigan University three years ago.

It gives students and scholars the chance to present their research and win prizes.

"They do a lot of work, research is a lot of hard work and they don't always get compensated for it, so we're trying to do something that kind of excites them to talk about it and give them something back," says Taylor.

Topics ranged from colonization, to medieval studies, to detecting e coli.

Graduate student Rachael Nelson has been working on her lab research for over a year.

"There's a lot of good people presenting, so I'm not really expecting to win. But I really just wanted to practice and learn more about my thesis," Nelson says.

First place, runner up, and people's choice winners will all win cash.

The first place winner overall will advance to the regional competition in Milwaukee this April.

The overall winner heading to Milwaukee is graduate student Madeline Hernstrom-Hill.

The other winners are as follows:

McNair Scholars:
Winner: Cynthia Benson, Criminal Justice
Runner Up: Shumete Sam, Social Work
People's Choice: Cynthia Benson, Criminal Justice

Graduate Students:
Winner: Madeline Hernstrom-Hill, English Master of Fine Arts
Runner Up: Grant Steinacker, Biology
People's Choice: Rachael Nelson, Biology