NMU kicks off the first day of 'New Student Orientation'

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The New Student Orientation Program kicked off Monday on Northern Michigan University's campus.

All first year students are required to attend an orientation session before starting in the fall.

This is the first day of a three-day program and NMU will be holding five of these orientation sessions this summer.

This gives new students the chance to become familiar with the campus and to work on their academic schedules with advisers.

Jessi Dhanapal is the Director of Orientation and Assistant Director of the Academic and Career Advisement Center.

Dhanapal thinks orientation is a great chance for the students to start making memories at NMU.

"The benefits of orientation are meeting a lot of new people, getting to chat with current students and faculty and different staff members,” said Dhanapal. “Getting your questions answered in person, talking with different departments and being able to get comfortable with campus.”

Faculty say the most common questions new students ask involve their class schedules and housing.

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