NMU hosts Lighting Up the Holidays in new facility

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Northern Michigan University hosted families from the Marquette and surrounding communities for their 32nd annual lighting up the holidays Monday night. With northern's 50-foot tall Christmas tree outside the new Northern Center featuring more than 18,000 lights it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas on campus.

Inside the center, there were performances from new attitudes dance studio, classic Christmas carols, the NMU cheer leading team and games for the kids. NMU Administration say they're proud to carry on the tradition in a new facility.

"NMU is a large part of this community and this is a great tradition that we're able to continue and here in the new Northern Center, it's a beautiful place, this is our first time in the big ballroom and it looks great and it's working well and it's just fun to see a lot of happy kids," said NMU Spokesperson, Derek Hall.

Many NMU student athletes also helped out with making crafts, playing games and face painting during Monday night's event.

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