NMU hosts 32nd annual Science Olympiad

Published: Feb. 16, 2019 at 10:45 PM EST
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Northern Michigan University hosted their 32nd annual Science Olympiad Saturday afternoon at the Seaborg Center.

Each year about 300 middle and high school students from all over the Upper Peninsula come together to compete in dozens of STEM-based challenges.

Programs range from life science to chemistry, nature, engineering and much, much more. Some events challenged students with question-answer style tests. Others were more hands on, featuring various experiments and challenges.

In all, 46 different events were held. The winner of each and every category earned a trophy and bragging rights.

Chad Leisenring is an NMU Mathematics student, volunteering his time to conduct the boomilever event. He pointed out the Science Olympiad also gets students thinking about various science, technology, engineering and math principles that are difficult to illustrate in a traditional classroom setting.

"It's really good for the kids to get them building stuff thinking about science, thinking about what they want to do and the career paths they want to take. The hands on experience for them really shows them that it’s not all just plunking numbers,” Leisenring asserted.

If you missed the Science Olympiad this time around, Leisenring recommends looking into one of the many similar events right here in the Upper Peninsula.

“If your kids are interested in any way shape or form in the science, engineering, math anything along those lines, there are robotics teams in the Upper Peninsula. There are science olympiads there are math tournaments there's so much in the Upper Peninsula for kids to have the opportunity to have fun and learn a lot a make a career for themselves,” Leisenring exclaimed.

Roughly 100 NMU students and staff volunteer their time to make the annual Science Olympiad possible.

to visit NMU's Science Olymiad website.