NMU groups sponsors presentation on sulfide mines

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Northern Michigan University students and concerned citizens gathered on campus to hear the dangers of sulfide mines.

The event was a presentation and discussion of the ongoing grass-roots efforts to help regulate, monitor and protect the natural resources of the Great Lakes. Specifically, they focused on the Back Forty open-pit sulfide mine proposed for the Menominee River, located on the Wisconsin-Michigan border.

Guest speaker Al Gedicks, an activist and historian on Great Lakes waterways, stressed the importance of understanding the effects a sulfide mine can have.

"90 percent of the rock that comes out is sulfide minerals which always result in acid drainage and the release of heavy metals in the environment. There are no mines that are sulfide mines that don't pollute local water supplies," said Gedicks.

The presentation was sponsored by the Northern Great Lakes Water Stewards, a student organization dedicated to monitoring and protecting lakes and rivers in Upper Michigan.

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