NMU educator Joe Lubig appointed to 21st Century Education Commission

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC)- A Northern Michigan University educator is making his debut this year on a statewide commission. Joe Lubig, the associate dean of education, leadership, and public service at NMU, was appointed to the 21st Century Education Commission by Governor Rick Snyder.

The commission's primary goal is to bring educators, industry leaders, and policy makers together in order to create a culture of learning and success for Michigan citizens. Lubig says his goal on the commission is to promote respect for teaching as a profession.

“People are working to do positive things,” said Lubig. “The more we know about what's working, the better we all are for it. To have that positive approach and that positive focus on something that will make the lives of people in Michigan better, I think that's a win.”

Lubig says there are 3 essential pillars to the commission’s ideology: a focus on learning, creating a culture of success, and building a coherent, connected education system. Lubig's term as the higher education representative is 3 years long.

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