NMU Tarzan Sunday performance postponed

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The Sunday performance of ‘Tarzan the Musical’ is being postponed at Northern Michigan University. Inclement weather and the closing of N.M.U.is forcing the event to be rescheduled for April 22.

Sunday’s ‘Tarzan the Musical’ performance was a special event with a sensory-friendly performance for those with autism.

The play is a story of Tarzan, a human raised by apes who then falls in love with a woman. After some trial and error, he finds his way back to his roots. It’s a feel good message that’s appropriate for those individuals with special needs.

Bill Digneit, the Forest Roberts Theatre Director says this performance is for anybody with issues dealing with loud noises or strobe lights as some of the examples. The deaf community is excited to come and see the musical. There will be signing at the show as well.

‘Tarzan the Musical’ is free. The performance is Sunday April 22 at 11a at the Forest Roberts Theatre.

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